Is Shakespeare A Homosexual?

Shakespeare is one great poet. He has been a great contributor in the history when it comes to poetry. “Romeo and Juliet”, and “Hamlet” are some of his great work. I have read this in the web: 

When reading horizontally from Shakespeare’s original published copy of Hamlet, the furthest left hand side reads ‘I am a homosexual’ in the last 14 lines of the book. Was this a message, or just a coincidence?

Is this real? I hope I can see the book for myself to believe.

Is he really a homosexual?

I did some research in the web and read that indications of Shakespeare being a homosexual comes from the sonnets. He write about his great love, who is a young man. So many people assume that he has a male lover, either gay or bisexual.

What do you think?

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First Time! :)

Hi there! I’ve been busy with so many things lately. I’m in front of my computer now and decided to create my own blog here in WordPress. I’m not that good when it comes to writing but I’ll be able to express myself in here. I’ve been single for months now and been meeting new people. People around the world been interacting with others online. So I can say that I’m into online dating too.

What do you think of it?

Honestly, I really enjoy it.

If you are one of the singles looking for someone to love, online dating I can say that it’s one option. Just be careful. 🙂 People love to love and be loved. Single people are really into this dating thing.

Expect it, they are single right? 🙂

I have read a trivia a while ago and find it interesting that I’ll share it here:

TRIVIA: A female orgasm can be a powerful painkiller.

Why is it so?

Because when a woman reach her orgasm, she releases endorphins which are responsible for the emotion of happiness, etc. These endorphins are substances formed in the body that relieves pain naturally. It may even control the body’s response to stress and determines mood.

So, SEX is healthy! 😉

Interesting huh? 😉

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